I. About AsianNGO

Yes. AsianNGO gathers donor details from all around the world. Anyone from any country can register under a Premium Aaccount to access all of the portal’s exclusive features.
In AsianNGO, we help you achieve your goal of being granted opportunities by increasing your capacity to obtain necessary information. We also help you acquire essential knowledge and know-how’s in the development sector but we do not guarantee funding success.
We provide daily updates on NGO grant opportunities, new partnerships, events, and job openings. Signing up to get email alerts for these four means that you will be receiving four update emails per day.
We take pride in our highly competent in-house research team. Through their vigorous efforts in rigorously searching for grant opportunities, available funds for NGOs, funding agencies, potential partners, fellow social enterprises, and student involvement possibilities, we are able to provide top-notch information to our users. They also ensure that these vast information are conveniently accessible for you.
NGO or Non Governmental Organization, also sometimes referred to as non government organizations, are usually non profit entities and internal organizations working under a nature independent from governmental influence that are actively engaging in social, environmental, humanitarian, educational and other range of advocacies, usually formed and established by citizens, associations, and groups united by a common interest, to effect changes on a local, national or international level in accordance to their objectives.
The full form of “NGO” is Non Governmental Organization.
NGOs or non government organizations, play a critical role in the development of the society in the sense that they promote advocacies targeted to effect change in a local or larger scale. The roles of NGOs vary widely from development, operation, innovation, technical assistance, training and implementation of different advocacies.

II. Account and Settings

AsianNGO Premium is the portal’s most exclusive access to all the databases and information on grant opportunities, new potential partners, philanthropists and experts, job updates, and more about the development industry.
If you are not happy or satisfied with any of our services, then feel free to write us at feedback@asianngo.org. We will make sure that your complaint is heard and addressed.

If you are not happy or satisfied with any of our services, then feel free to write us at feedback@asianngo.org. We will make sure that your complaint is heard and addressed.
We send reminders prior to the expiry of your current subscription plan. Once your Premium Subscription expires, you will no longer have access to all of AsianNGO’s exclusive features. The good thing is you can subscribe again anytime!
We do not have the feature yet to authorize multiple email handles to share a subscription plan. As of now, only one registered email is allowed and can access the features of the Premium account.
If you are no longer receiving newsletter and alerts, you may have unsubscribed from us. It is also possible that due to inactivity and lack of response to us, we may have removed you from our database. The good news is, you can always subscribe again!
To update your account information, head on to the My Profile Tab and choose My Account and you will see the your personal information fields. Just update your information as necessary and click the update button in the bottom of the form.

III. Billing Help

Your subscription to AsianNGO Premium is in an annual basis. You are charged for the account annually.
Since we are open to all interested in the development sector regardless of country of residence, we would like to keep the pricing as standard as possible. Our rate is $120 for one-year membership. which will be converted to the equivalent in your local currency.
Yes. You can link, unlink, and change our credit card through your subscription page.

IV. Troubleshooting and Site Navigation

In the login window, click on “Forgot Password” in the lower right. You will then be asked to input your email. Once filled in, click “Submit” and wait for the email. You will be given a temporary password to login with. Once logged in, head on over to “My Profile” settings to change password into a desired one.
First, log in to your account. Expand the settings by clicking on the hamburger menu or the icon with three horizontal lines in mobiles and smaller screens and click “My Account”. In desktop, you can just click on “My Account” in the upper menu bar. It will prompt a drop down list of choices, choose “My Profile”. From there, you will be redirected to a page with your personal information allowed to be edited. Input the password in the designated fields. Your password will be changed and you will receive an email confirming it is successful.
The users can add any particular event of their liking to their calendar through the action tab on the right corner of each event displayed on the search event page in the NGO portal. The shortlisted events and the calendar can then be accessed from the Premium user dashboard.
We offer support material like PDFs, and presentations for each of the sections in the AsianNGO academy and this material can be downloaded from their respective module pages. We have a distinct download tab present on the right side of the module pages through which the learners can download the learning material such as assessment tools, summaries and templates for NGO project proposal and other references.